Now, your pet is part of your #cargolingexperience!


Leave your pet at home when you go with a campervan? Clearly, “ he never would." At Cargoling we have prepared some vans that will allow you to travel with your favorite animal. Your camper carries the following equipment:

  • Feeder and drinker
  • Rope with carabiner to tie the animal in the camper if necessary.
  • System to tie the animal to the belt of the car.
  • Seat covers.


Everyone who has animals knows that traveling with a dog on a van is not the cleanest thing (ever) there is ;-) They like to play with the sand, bath_ on the beach and bite those things that maybe would not be necessary ... It is so we ask that you have common sense and that you value that Cargoling gives you the possibility that your pet will be the protagonist of your #cargolingexperience!


Some rules must be followed:

  1. Take the animal properly vaccinated and dewormed.
  2. Take responsibility for cleaning once the camper is returned. That is, the day of the return of the vehicle, the customer must vacuum and wash the camper inside and out. If not, the cleaning service will not have the usual price of € 40, it will be € 80. The reason is because it will force us to do an integral cleaning.
  3. If there is any damage, the result of not having watched your pet properly: bitten furniture, holes bored, ... the client will pay the cost of the damage of the camper.
  4. In case of initiating a flea infestation (do not laugh, Cargoling has ever happened to us when dogs have been unannounced), no sé que vols dir, que ja us ha Passat oi?? “ do not laugh, cargoling have already experienced it” or it’s not a joke , the cost of the treatment necessary to eradicate it will be assume by the client.

We know that rules do not please anyone, but we must understand that there must be some for this service to work properly and the next customer can enjoy ANIMAL FRIENDLY CAMPERS in exceptional conditions!

It is a matter of all that, this type of services (animal friendly), is increasing in more companies and localS. It is not in the hands of our pets, but the owners!


Written by

Úrsula 06/03/2017
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