How to discover the Gaia castles route with a campervan?


Discover the Gaia castles route with your campervan

Gaià is a river that crosses the province of Tarragona, the highlight of this area is that, in only three counties: Alt Camp, Conca de Barberà and Tarragonés, there is the largest concentration of medieval castles of Catalonia. That ‘s wahy we want to explain a very interesting route to know all this area of ​​Tarragona.

If you decide to try this adventure, you will get the sensation to move to another era, and you will do it easily with your camper. Moreover, if you go with children, you can teach them in a very enjoyable way all about the Middle Ages. You can see a total of 12 castles: Altafulla, Catllar, La Cuadra de Clarà, Creixell Castle, Ferran Castle, La Nou de Gaià Castle, Pobla de Montornès Castle, Renau Castle, Castillo de la Riera de Gaià, Castillo de Tamarit, Torredembarra Castle and Torredembarra Castle.

viaje en camper por los castillos de gaià

How can I go with my camper in the Gaià River Basin?

If you start the route in Barcelona, ​​you can go on the camper to Santa Coloma de Queralt, then take the A-2 towards Igualada and follow the detour of the C-241. Later, you can follow the T-201 towards Pontils, the C-37 towards Santes Creus and the T-202 to reach Tamarit and Altafulla. If, on the other hand, you want to go from the coast to the interior you can take the AP-7 towards Tarragona, you will easily see the detour towards Torredembarra and Altafulla.

viaje en camper por los castillos de gaià

Advantages of traveling with a campervan

This route can be done in different ways, but without a doubt, the best way to travel is with a motorhome. This way you can travel with the whole house with you, you can visit and see everything you want and stop quietly to sleep in the right places. If you travel with children, the most affordable and simple option is to travel with a campervan:

  • You feel more freedom, there are no schedules like in hotels, you can spend the day near the Castle of Creixell and spend the night in Altafulla to dawn near the beach.

  • Much more space. When you travel by plane or boat, you have to take into account the mandatory measures that suitcases must meet, if you travel in a motorhome you can carry the weight you want. You can even make the purchase in your usual supermarket and take everything in the trunk.

  • Children will not get tired or bored. If they travel in a car, they are not 100% comfortable. On the other hand, if they go in a campervan, they can lie down and spend the whole trip sleeping.

  • Much more economical. You only need to pay the rent of the motorhome and gas.

  • You can sleep in a camping or spend the night free. The campervan can be parked in any place as long as it respects the road rules, like any vehicle. It is allowed to sleep in any place that can be parked, not camping, which would mean removing the table and chairs and / or opening the elevating roof. For more information, read this other article: "Everything you need to know to sleep on public roads without problems".

To sum up, if you want to travel with a campervan during this summer and visit the castles of Bajo Gaià, you can get in touch with us. If you want to enjoy this route around Catalonia (Spain) with a campervan you can rent one of our vehicles from our website This shows you the availability, makes your budget and allows you to make the reservation online. Cajoling is located in the centre of Barcelona (Poble Nou’s neighborhood). You can come to pick up the campervan coming with the urban public transport. And we also offer you the possibility to get you the campervan to Barcelona’s Airport.


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Úrsula 01/07/2018
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