Solsones area with a campervan


Are you a mountain lover? Do you love traveling through unique landscapes surrounded by nature and fauna? Solsonès area is a perfect destination for all those who want to disconnect from the routine, leave the city and enjoy a speechless environment.

Discovering the territory of Solsonès with a campervan is a fantastic option. It will allow you to move anywhere at any time, with all the comforts, make your own meals and sleep where you decide ... it means absolute freedom for you and your beloved! Traveling in a motorhome will help you to make your trips become a unique experience.

Ruta solsona en camper

Discover the natural environment of Solsona área and its surroundings

Solsonès area hides a wide variety of places that are worth visiting: wether walking paths or in your campervan or by will discover environments where you can do activities (kayaking, adventure sports, horseback riding ...). Even so, from Cargoling we recommend the following options that are perfect to go and enjoy with a campervan:

-Solsona, a city with a lot of history: A mandatory stop is, without a doubt, in the capital of the region. You will love the streets and squares of this** historic old town**, the stately homes, the cathedral, the cloisters and the Ice Pit. On the other hand, you can also enjoy folklore: Solsona is a city deeply rooted in the tradition of giants.

The Tourist Office of Solsona organizes guided tours specialized in local history and accompany visitors on a journey into the past, where they discover all the secrets hidden in the medieval past of the city. You can not lose this!

-«La Mare de la Font»: It is a natural area located 1.5 km from Solsona, which allows to arrive with your campervan or also walking. There is a picnic area, ideal to eat what is cooked directly inside the motorhome. Moreover, there is a playground, a restaurant and plenty of space to play, run and get lost in the middle of nature. Aa amazing leisure area!

-“Vall de Lord”: This part of Solsonès includes well-known natural tourist areas, such as Sant Llorenç de Morunys, Pedra i la Coma or Guixers. We recommend you to get lost with tyour campervan in the mountains that surround this natural valley, and when you find an area that you like, you stay there to sleep. You will be able to observe the starry sky in the silence and absolute tranquility.

-“Centro Geográfico de Catalunya”: It is time to get to know the south of the region: we must go to the Geographical Center of Catalonia, located in the municipality of Pinós. You will find a compass rose engraved on a stone, an icon that is worth seeing live. We also recommend you to visit the sanctuary and enter the paths of Pinós, where you will discover wonderful landscapes where to park your campervan and make your own meal in the middle of nowhere.

Ruta solsona en camper

From Barcelona to Solsona area: How to get there

The journey iwith your campervan from Barcelona to Solsona is quite short, so if you travel with children, do not suffer. Both the advantages offered by a campervan and the little distance will make the journey pass quickly.

The duration is approximately 1h 25min. It can be reached in two different ways:

-Road C-55: It is the fastest route. Head towards Manresa / Bassella, and take exit 132 from C-25.

-Roads A-2 and C-55: Drive on the A-2 and take exit 570. Then, take C-37 road.

Do not think twice and be inspired to discover everything that hides the Solsonès region: nature, folklore and history. Have a good trip!

Travel with a campervan this summer and live unforgettable moments. Get in [contact ( with us!

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Úrsula 15/07/2018
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