A weekend in the Basque Country with a campervan


What to see in the Basque Country during a weekend?

The Cantabrian coast includes the autonomous communities of Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria. Basque Country includes more than 500 kilometers of sea and mountain (Cantabrian mountain range) and you will find an infinity of fishing coves, cattle villages and spectacular beaches. Due to its meadows, forests, rivers ... it is known as the “Costa Verde”. Do you want to know the best of northern Spain? We encourage you to enjoy a campervan route through the Basque Country.

A weekend in the Basque Country with a campervan

Day 1: Let’s start the trip

From Barcelona to San Sebastian, there are about 500 kilometers which means 5 hours on the road. But remember that you must stop to rest every 2 or 3 hours, so if you take the AP7 motorway towards Zaragoza you can stop in some service área to rest and eat, etc. For example, Bon Area service área is very appropriate to rest and to change the water. It is next to a shopping center with all the services and you can spend the night there if you need it and it is completely free of charge.

Depending on the time and your fatigue, you can spend the night in that area or continue with the trip. If you decide to continue, you will only have 3 hours driving to get to Donostia.

Day 2: San Sebastián

San Sebastian has just been awarded by Lonely Planet magazine as the first gastronomic destination in the world thanks to its famous “pinchos”. Therefore, we recommend that you leave your campervan in the Berio area and walk towards Playa de la Concha. This 20-minute walk will help you to feel the Donostian atmosphere. Once at Playa de la Concha you can see Chillida's Wind Comb.

Ruta en camper San Sebastián

Walking towards Mount Igueldo and Mount Urgul, you can see the monument of the Sacred Heart and, also, from its fantastic viewpoint you can see all the beaches of San Sebastian: La Concha, Ondarreta, Zurriola and the small beach of Santa Clara Island. You can not leave San Sebastian without getting lost in the old town and without trying the delicious “pinchos”!

Ruta en Camper San Sebastián

Day 3: Bilbao

From San Sebastian to Bilbao we have almost an hour and a half, so it will not be necessary to stop halfway. In Bilbao we will find 2 service areas: the Kobetamendi Area, in Mount Kobeta and the Parking Bilbao Hostel area. Both are paid areas and are about 40 minutes walk from the center. We recommend you to wear comfortable clothes and shoes which is the best way to get to know the city.

In Bilbao you can visit the Guggenheim Museum, get lost in the streets of the the old town, see the oldest church in the Villa de Bilbao (Cathedral of Santiago), sit down to rest in the Plaza Nueva or Barria tasting a pinchos or drinking txacolí, the Gardens of Albia or the Ría de Bilbao. If you want to continue the walk, you can take the funicular and spend the day at Monte Artxanda. Finally, you can not leave Bilbao without tasting their typical “pinchos” in the well-known "7 streets" that are: Somera, Artecalle, Tendería, Belosticalle, Old Carnicería, Barrenkale and Barrenkale Barrena.

Ruta en camper Bilbao

Travel in a campervan through the Basque Ccountry

The best way to visit different cities is to travel with a campervan. If you also want to disconnect a weekend and you are motivated to travel through the Basque Country, get in touch with us. We will be happy to help you choose the most appropriate campervan for your needs. Do not hesitate!

If you want to enjoy this route around Spain with campervans you can rent one of our vehicles from our website This shows you the availability, makes your budget and allows you to make the reservation online. Cargoling is located in the centre of Barcelona (Poble Nou’s neighborhood). You can come to pick up the campervan coming with the urban public transport. And we also offer you the possibility to get you the campervan to Barcelona’s Airport.


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Úrsula 30/08/2018
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