Visit the Castle of Miravet by camper


What to see in the Castle of Miravet?

The Miravet Castle is a medieval fortress with Andalusian origin dating back to the 12th century which was transformed by the knights. Located on a hill to be able to control the town and the Ebro river at its feet, the castle of Miravet is one of the medieval fortifications best preserved in Western Europe.

From Cargoling, we recommend you to live this unique experience. Visiting the Castle of Miravet is travel in time and become, for a moment, a knight of the age. You will have the opportunity to enter and discover from within a wide variety of spaces such as the tower, the sovereign enclosure, the cavalry area, the cellar, the gallery, the wall...

Also, traveling with the campervan you can stop, eat and sleep whenever you want. You will have all the amenities within your reach and the freedom to mark your hours.

Activities to enjoy with the family in Miravet:

To complete your stay in Miravet, apart from visiting the castle, you can enjoy a wide range of activities to enjoy with family::

  • Miravet ceramics workshop: Miravet is considered an Artisan Interest Zone, and especially ceramics, has a long tradition in the village. Become, for a day, a "Miravet potter". You will find a great offer of different workshops of both traditional ceramics and modern ceramics where you can sign up.
  • Route 3c’s: This route will allow you to discover, apart from the Castle, the Pinell Wine Cathedral and the Coves of Benifallet.
  • The Vera de l'Ebre: The Ebro River also offers a lot of possibilities: we recommend ou to visit the “Embassador”, the “Pas de la Barca”, the “Drassana” (Shipyard) and the “Molinot”.
  • Mountain activities: If you are more adventurous, you will also have the opportunity to do different activities in nature. You can aim for mountain races and marches, routes along paths or trails, or even climb around the castle, specifically, in Morral de la Covalta.

Where to sleep with camper?

Just 20 minutes of Miravet with the motorhome you will find the following camping, where you can relax and rest:

You can also check camping areas (areas adapted for overnight campers and motorhomes) through the PARK4NIGHT app. This app is geolocated and, by its users, recommend the places that they liked most for "park for night".

If you want to enjoy this route around Catalonia (Spain) with a campervan you can rent one of our vehicles from our website This shows you the availability, makes your budget and allows you to make the reservation online. Cajoling is located in the centre of Barcelona (Poble Nou’s neighborhood). You can come to pick up the campervan coming with the urban public transport. And we also offer you the possibility to get you the campervan to Barcelona’s Airport.

Jordi Gallejones

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Jordi Gallejones 15/04/2019
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