Route with children in southern France on camper (2, 3 or 4 days)


From Cargoling we propose you a route to do with children in a camper but we can assure you that adults will enjoy both or more than the children of the house.

1st day

The route is intended to come out on a Friday afternoon, for example. The goal is to sleep in Peiriac de Mar, a French town that has a charming place to make a first night. It is very close to Sigean, where is the African Reserve we will visit the second day. We will have to look for the car park where there is an area where campers and motor homes are located. The views are exceptional and the sunsets are priceless.

2n dia

We will visit the African Reserve of Sigean, , a thematic park located on the edge of the city of Sijan, where in semi-free status, there are more than three thousand animals, mostly of African origin. Animals that can be seen by areas:

  • Zone 1: You can see antelopes, African oxen or buffalos and zebras.
  • Zone 2: You can see ostriches and antelopes of various species.
  • Zone 3: There are wild asses of Persia, ostriches and giraffes.
  • Zone 4: Occupied by bears of Tibet.
  • Zone 5: Inhabited by two lions and half dozen of lioness.
  • Zone 6 & 7: Area of savannah, you can see white, marabut, blesboks and northern rhinoceros.

Reserva Africana de Sigean

The rest of the route is done on foot and you can see elephants, camels, leopards, kangaroos, chimpanzees, zebras, snakes, assailants, turtles, Vietnam pigs, giraffes, ibis, porcupines, castors and various birds, Among them, they stand out for their spectacular flamenco roses and pelicans, that live in the lake of the Eye of Ca.

We recommend taking a trip with the camper in the morning, having lunch at the car park without having to spend money in the park, and in the afternoon, take a walk on the other side of the facilities. In the afternoon, once the visit is done, we are heading towards Grussan, a town that has a car camping area with many services.. We provide you the address: 11430 Grussan, France. However, in the following link we provide you the Aire Camping Car website to search for camping and camping areas in France. . If you arrive more or less soon you can take a walk around the village.

Carcassona en camper

3rd day

On the third day we will make our way to Carcassonne, capital of the Aude, and is known for the fortified city of Carcassonne, of medieval architecture and restored by Viollet-le-Duc in the 19th century and UNESCO World Heritage since 1997. In Carcassonne we will spend the morning and we will have lunch in the gardens of the Aeroscope Museum, the Aeronautics Museum in Toulouse and the Airbus factory, that there is a part that can be visited, currently the factory area of the Airbus A380, the biggest plane in the world at the moment. It is an indispensable visit for airline lovers. It is important to buy and book the ticket in advance. We facilitate the link

 museo aeronautica de Toulouse

You can also search for campervan areas (areas adapted to park campervans) with the PARK4NIGHT app. This app uses geolocation, and you can see users' reviews of the best spots to "park for night".

If you want to enjoy this route around Catalonia (Spain) with campervans you can rent one of our vehicles from our website This shows you the availability, makes your budget and allows you to make the reservation online. Cargoling is located in the centre of Barcelona (Poble Nou’s neighborhood). You can come to pick up the campervan coming with the urban public transport. And we also offer you the possibility to get you the campervan to Barcelona’s Airport.


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Úrsula 30/08/2019
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