Two days discovering Mont Caro and Delta del Ebro


With this route you will discover that you often do not have to travel long distances or take airplanes to find dreamlike places and landscapes, locations where spectacular photographs are taken and enjoy privileged environments with camper. We are talking about Mont Caro and Delta del Ebro, with its dunes, protected species, summits from where you can glimpse the island of Menorca and lighthouses that resist the force of the sea. It is worth spending a few days and let yourself be carried away by the magic of the Delta.

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To arrive we decided to take the national road to Delta del Ebro: a road that passes through the towns of Sant Vicenç dels Horts and Vilafranca del Penedès, and which is more pleasant to do than the highway, since it crosses vineyard fields and flows to the Tarragona coast. The difference with respect to the highway is about 30 minutes, so if you go without hurry - we hope not! - you will see that it is much more distracted and quiet.

When you are arriving at Delta del Ebro you will find that the road deviates and leaves the coast behind to go to the north, specifically towards a large mountain range that embraces the entire territory and presides over Ports de Beseit massif: it is called Mont Caro. The road is a long straight that is gaining height as it progresses within the olive groves. Once across the bridge, the road begins to make zigzag for about 5 minutes, and soon you will realize that the vegetation has changed. The Mont Caro could be perfectly a blend of the landscapes of Menorca, Montserrat and the Montseny, gathering the most characteristic features of each of the three.

Puesta der Sol Delta de l'Ebre en camper

We will continue climbing with camper until we reach a turnoff to the left that is narrower than where we came from and that will lead us to the end of the road, a viewpoint that is located just 50 meters from the top of Mont Caro. The views from this point are impressive: we will share a summit with the clouds and we can enjoy the whole silhouette of Delta del Ebro at our feet.

If you go back one or two curves you will see that there is a space where you can park the camper and from where you can stop to spend the night - be aware that maybe you will share space with some goats, we are in their habitat and we have to be very respectful . Both sunset and sunrise from this point are spectacular, so we recommend you reserve a time to sit inside or outside the camper and watch the sun go down over the Delta. It will be an image to remember!

Ruta en camper Faro del fangar

The next morning and while you prepare a good cup of coffee you can go outside the camper to see how the sun rises behind the horizon and, if the day allows it, see the island of Menorca in the distance. After picking up the camper you can head towards the Delta, stopping at Punta del Fangar and Playa de la Marquesa, a place known in the area to house one of the most typical images of the Delta: the Fangar lighthouse. To access you will have to walk or go cycling –we recommend the second option for the distance, about 4 kilometers. The feeling is to be walking along the African coast, with its dunes and far from any inhabited town. When you can finally see the lighthouse it will look like a mirage, as if it were floating in the water. Once there it is a good place to sit on the sand and rest.

Ruta en camper Delta de l'Ebre

To leave this point you must go in the opposite direction and drive to where the Punta de la Banya is located, a good place to stop and eat. This area is more virgin than that of the Fangar and, in fact, just leaving the road behind you will enter with the camper on a highway of improvised sand, that is a beach. Soon you will find an area enabled to park and where you can cook without problems. You are in Trabucador beach, a long peninsula of sand that penetrates into the sea, and where it is worth taking a walk and being carried away by the solitude of the place.

Playa del Trabucador en camper

One of the best moments that are lived going with a Cargoling camper is the sunset, since it allows you to observe it from unthinkable places, and if you are one of those who like to bathe while watching it, you have gone to the best possible place in the Delta. You will see how it begins to disappear on Mont Caro, where you were less than 24 hours ago, and the town of Sant Carles de la Ràpita begins to make blinking with the lights of the lampposts and the houses while the sky acquires pink and orange tones. After these peaceful moments you only have to go back and look for a place to park the camper. We recommend the parking of the Eucalyptus urbanization, located in the same sand and with lush trees that will protect you from the characteristic wind of the Delta.

Humedales Delta del Ebro en camper

The night in this place is calm, accompanied by the songs of the birds and the gentle breeze that comes directly from the sea. The next day you can approach the wetlands of the Delta where you will find strategic points for bird watching. On the way home you can stop to eat in the Garraf Natural Park, a natural interest area of ​​12,376 hectares with several itineraries designed to go on foot or by bicycle. The tour ends here, and remember that if you want to know more routes and destinations Cargoling is your place.

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Úrsula 17/02/2020
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