Seven days in Asturias: sea and mountains, nature and gastronomy.


** Day 1: ** We leave without sun and stop in Conesa, the Conca de Barberà, so we gain an hour and a half on the road for tomorrow. We are at -8 ° C, but the weather is dry, and we sleep on the roof with the Webasto heating at medium power, and with more heat than cold. Conesa is a well-known medieval bucolic village, with a population of just 30 in 2000, and well worth a visit.

** Day 2: ** Let's leave Conesa: today is the day of the route! We will cross Catalonia, Aragon, La Rioja, Navarra and spend the night in the Basque Country. We decided to stop near Bilbo, at Cap de Matxitxako, which will give us a spectacular sunset behind Doniene Gaztelugatxeko (Sant Joan de Gaztelugatxe).

** Day 3: ** We woke up in Matxitxako, with possibly one of the best sunrises this year. We head to the redwood forest of Cabezón de la Sal, Cantabria, a natural monument, a legacy of dark times, but today, a magical place worth visiting. We stop for lunch in a place we can't miss: Casa Poli, in Puertas de Vidiago, already in Asturias. A sanctuary of good food, good cider, and hospitality as a flag. Then, and to lower the lunch a bit, we will visit the beach of Vidiago, this time at high tide, which welcomes us to the Bay of Biscay, erfo in the Atlantic Ocean.

** Day 4: ** We have breakfast near Gulpiyuri Beach, and we will visit this fantastic formation, which has no sea, and the water and the waves arrive through a crack that becomes a cave, and that crosses the whole cliff. . We continue on and by surprise we arrive at Playa de la Sablera de Canalina, which is the setting from which to see the Islote Desfuracado, a place that seems out of this world. We continue along the coast and its beautiful beaches, until we reach Nueva, a fairytale town where the Sidrería Muros is located, where we will have lunch today tasting one of the best cachopos we will try along the route and an assortment of products from the area. In the afternoon we will visit the village (absolutely necessary to walk a bit after eating in Asturias ...!), And we will end the day in Playa de Cuevas del Mar, today also with high tide and a sunset to remember for a long time of time ...!

** Day 5: ** We woke up at the spectacular Cuevas del Mar Beach, and what yesterday when we arrived and in the light of the full moon was high tide, today is low tide, and so steep that it allows us to walk from cove to cove where it is just a few hours it was ocean. We say goodbye to the saltpeter and head for the Asturian mountains and the Picos de Europa. We stop in Cangas de Onís, where we will have lunch and visit the village and its famous bridge. The idea is to get a first taste of Covadonga, so we can go up to watch the sunset from the Mirador de la Reina, and take a sneak peek of the lakes with the last lights of day. We showered for € 1 in the municipal swimming pool of Cangas de Onís (just like we did in Llanes), and slept in the area.

** Day 6: ** We have a comfortable breakfast at the Cargoling, and today we will go for a walk around the lakes of Cuadonga. We are alone, there are less than a dozen people in the valley, and this intensity is intensified by the light snowfall that falls from time to time. We are clear that we only need to spend another week in the area. After eating another fantastic and huge cachopo, we visit the Santa Cova de Cuadonga, a small chapel suspended in a rock wall halfway up a pond, and his older sister the huge and imposing Basilica of Cuadonga . Today we will spend the night in Cangas de Onís again, as tomorrow we will head to Arenas de Cabrales to do the Cares path, so we end the day with a good book and a good infusion in our nomadic house.

** Day 7: ** We finish the route of Asturias in the best way we can: following the Senda del Cares. We can say little or nothing about her. Anyone who knows her less, sounds like her or has done it, and this is synonymous with falling in love with her giant rock swords, her balustrades, her dizzying path and her guardians, the goats. We spend the whole day walking, in the evening we visit the Cova Museo del Cabrales, and in the evening we say goodbye to Asturias with a good gastronomic tribute. Tomorrow it will be 8 hours by car, taking into account the stops to rest, crossing a large part of the Peninsula and returning to Catalonia. I hope you enjoyed the route! What has accompanied you is @adventuresofenric, and very soon I will bring you new adventures from the hand of Cargoling!

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Úrsula 14/03/2022
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