This time our objective is Tavascán, a town belonging to the municipality of Lladorre, in the province of Lleida, a family place where you can enjoy the peace and quiet in an incomparable high mountain setting.

We start the route with the Cargoling camper van and once past Llavorsí we turn left onto the L-504 and drive along the Cardós Valley. In this area there is an evident and noticeable change in the peculiarities of the small villages scattered along the road, on one side and the other, and often crossing in the middle, but when we overcome the slope to get over the Tavascan dam, the valley changes again, and it is here where a small high mountain redoubt begins. The curious thing is that we say small because of the sensation we get when the humble and welcoming village receives us, enclosed by the kissing mountains that surround it, but the municipal area is enormous, and embraces the most important domain of the High Pyrenees Natural Park. It is precisely here, at the end of the zigzagging road and once we have left behind the small and bucolic village of Quanca, that we find the High Mountain Resort of Tavascan.

The Tavascan resort is different from any other we have seen. It is a resort facing north, which gives it splendid snow, and located right at the foot of the valley carved out by the Torrent de Mascarida. We only have one lift, and in many cases this could be a negative thing, but not in this case, and the fact is that once you reach the top of the mountain, you can enjoy an immense off-piste domain for all levels. And in case we opt for a snowshoeing excursion, in less than 20 minutes we will be at the ridge that offers us other domains, such as the Mascarida pond through the Pas de l'Ós.

The other mainstay is cross-country skiing, with long routes with balconies to the summit of the Tavascan mountain and La Pica d'Estats, in unspoilt natural areas that can only be accessed in this way. It is common to find people at the foot of the slopes and on the circuits, learning and practising with the resort's ski instructors. It is worth mentioning the staff on the slopes, technicians, instructors, hut staff... they make you feel at home, and from the first moment you have the feeling that you have been coming to the resort all your life.

So, in winter you can enjoy alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, splitboarding, freeride, ski mountaineering, snowshoeing, and the younger ones can enjoy the fun part at the foot of the slopes. On theother hand, in summer, the valley is a real paradise for lovers of trail running, hiking and mountain biking. The observation of fauna and flora throughout the 4 seasons is at the same time combined with outdoor activities.

A short, accessible but really charming excursion is to go up the Torrent de Mascarida on snowshoes until you reach the pond of the same name. We are very close to the ski resort, and at the same time in the middle of nowhere, with peaks as far as the horizon and a large glacial pond at our feet.

Whatever the time of year, what is certain is that it looks like a valley tailor-made for a camper van. There are many spectacular viewpoints where you can spend the night, and the skies are some of the best you will see in Catalonia, as light pollution is almost non-existent, or non-existent in many cases. In winter we recommend three places to spend the night with the van: as spectacular, the viewpoint of the Castle of Tavascan, just above the village; as practical, at the foot of the slopes, because if we need something, the refuge of the Pleta del Prado can provide it; and as comfortable, in the village of Tavascan, where we will find a large parking, a small grocery shop, and the hotel Lago de Cardós, where they have a room with a fireplace that we are sure that if we are in the middle of winter, we will visit at some point.

Finally, and as we say goodbye to the route, it remains for us to tell you that if you go up to the resort with a Cargoling, you will enjoy many unique moments thanks to the improvisation that these routes offer. We will always try to guide you a little when planning the route and the places you want to visit, but sometimes, the simple fact of deviating a little from the plan and deviating a little can also be the best option!

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Úrsula 28/05/2022
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