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At the moment it seems that the price of fuel is going to continue as it has in recent months, with an upward trend. That is why we have made a small search of apps to help you save on fuel. These apps are constantly updated with the prices of national petrol stations, informing you of the current price of each one of them. These small actions will help us to reduce our expenses in something basic like petrol when we go in a camper and in our day to day life, helping us to save a significant amount of money every month.

Here we recommend some apps:

Gasolineras España available for iPhone and Android. With slightly different versions for the two smartphones, they offer the option to save your favourite petrol stations, configure the app according to fuel and see prices and petrol stations on the map. You can apply the discounts you have on each of the brands, and prices are also updated based on the Ministry of Industry.

GasAll available for iPhone and Android. Pioneers since 2008, it shows all the relevant information about petrol stations in Spain. You can benefit from special promotions at participating stations. Like the other recommended apps, it offers the option of creating a list of favourites and shows you the petrol stations available on the route you are taking.

Fuelio available for iPhone and Android. A simple app that can be used not only to find out fuel prices in Spain but also to track mileage, fuel consumption, petrol costs and car expenses. You have the option to consult the overview of the petrol costs of one or more vehicles.

Gasolina y Diesel España available on Android. This app shows you the petrol stations in a list or represented on a map and gives you the possibility to show you the petrol stations that are available on the route you want to take. The prices shown in this app are taken directly from the Geoportal of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism.

Finally, we encourage you to visit our camper van routes section of our website:

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Úrsula 11/07/2022
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