Live the adventure like never before

Cargoling is the freedom to get to know any place and get lost in it, following the instincts that the environment stimulate, not thinking about anything else.

In the mountain you have to be prepared. When looking for a unique experience every element is essential and together they produce the desired experience.

Cargoling allows to get close to nature in a unique way. It allows to sleep in any place, eat, wake up in it and to be constantly surrounded by it.

To be in a different place every day without any schedules is what we seek. To establish different relations between people and the environment, enjoy the moments as we discover new places and getting to know our own limits is the true meaning of adventure.

We live in a country full of mountains, rivers, beaches and fields. How can one choose a single place to live being able to live in all of them?

And tomorrow, where will you wake up?

Do you want to live the experience?
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